We have passed the halfway point of calendar year 2016. For us students, this time marks the beginning of a new academic year: it is a time to re-evaluate our priorities, assess what is to be done and set new targets. We are all one step closer to being independently functioning members of society and with every passing day the choices we make become increasingly consequential.

In addition to becoming more connected, the world we live in is also becoming increasingly polarized. Issues like climate change, xenophobia, discrimination, corruption and inequality are all things that our generation needs to address. The coming year of school is another chapter in our preparation to succeed and help bring about positive change in the complicated world around us.

In the academic year ahead, CHIREC Pulse will continue to be a forum for self-expression and creativity, showcasing the ideas and perspectives of an exceptional group of young minds. Our goal from the start has been to inspire and educate students, by providing a platform for them to express themselves and learn from each other. Together we will continue to strive towards this goal.